Banks just love to collect fees from their customers to keep revenue flowing. The charge you for going over your account balance and they charge you for not having direct deposit on your account. If there is a way for the banks to charge you for something, you can bet your bottom dollar that they […]

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At best, most people have an average credit score. Millions of folks, however, have subprime credit. When your credit score is on the low side, even getting to the point where your credit score is average may seem impossible, let alone getting to the point where your credit score is perfect. It may seem that […]

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The banking industry has been hit with strict regulations that has caused many banks to significantly reduce their total number of checking account charges. New research, however, seems to indicate that the fees they are charging have soared to stunning new heights. Out of Network ATM Fees Consider the fees that banks charge to their […]

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For years now, the mainstream lending industry has only been interested in offering credit and conventional loans to people who they considered prime lending candidates. This has left many folks out in the cold when it comes to getting loans. In other words, if your credit score indicated that you might be considered a subprime […]

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Everyone could use a tip or two when it comes to personal finances. Young adults could use more tips than anyone. They are fairly new to the financial world and they need guidance. Here are some tips for those young adults who could benefit from financial guidance. First you need to learn self control. Many […]

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Managing money can be a challenge for some of us. Without even knowing it we can make money mistakes every day. Knowing these money mistakes is the key to avoiding them. Here are some of the more common money mistakes that we make which costs us money. The first mistake may be obvious to some, […]

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The first is to do what you can to avoid overdraft fees. On average an overdraft fee is between twenty and thirty dollars. If you end up with multiple overdraft fees they will add up quickly. Instead you need to make sure that you know how much money you have and do what you need […]

Technology is so amazing; it has made so much of our lives easier. Almost every time you turn around you see some new technology coming out that can make your life even better. It can often leave one wondering what’s next. What’s next is a smart pen. That’s right, you have heard of a smart […]

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More and more financial transactions seem to be going paperless these days and it does not seem farfetched to think that one day that paper paycheck could be completely gone. There are many people today who do not receive paper paychecks, instead opting for direct deposit, having the money put directly into their checking and/or […]

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When you are dealing with a financial emergency, you are dealing with a situation that you want to get rectified as quickly as possible. Even if you are one of those things that likes, out of a bad habit, to put off making major decisions, when you are dealing with an issue with your finances, […]

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