Have you ever wondered what it is that makes a payday loan or payday advance loan the preferred way for people to get money when they need it fast? With payday loan lenders, like Payday One and many of the other top payday loan direct lender companies providing loans to tens of thousands of people every week, there must be some reason that so many people choose to get a payday loan over other types of more conventional loans, right? Well, there are quite a few reasons that people prefer these types of loans. In fact we’ve put together ten of the top reasons that people turn to payday loans when they are in need of money.

Number 1 – You can get your payday loan fast

These days we all expect fast results. From the restaurants that we go to for fast food to the streaming movie services that we use for fast access to entertainment, speed is the name of the game these days. So it really makes a lot of sense that when people need or want some emergency cash that they are able to get their hands on it quickly.

You can typically get your payday loan in about 24 hours. Whether you’re looking for a few bucks for the weekend or need a few hundred to pay an emergency bill, you’ll certainly appreciate how fast it is to get a payday loan.

Number 2 – Applying for a payday loan is easyapplyonline

Life is pretty complicated. We all know what it’s like to deal with red tape when it comes to our finances. If you’ve ever applied for a traditional loan of any type – be it for a mortgage on your home or taking out a loan for a new car, applying for these types of loans is often wrought with complications. Thankfully, though, applying for a payday loan is easy as can be. To apply for your online payday loan, all you have to do is fill out some basic information and submit your application. You don’t have to deal with any complicated paper work or deal with any rude loan officers. It really couldn’t be any easier to apply for your payday loan.

Number 3 – You don’t have to drive to a local payday loan lender

If you thought that the only way to get a payday loan was to drive across town to a local payday lender, you will be happy to find out that you don’t have to do that any more. These days, the top lenders have the ability to provide you with the money you want, without requiring you to leave your home. Online lenders are quickly becoming the preferred lenders for people in search of fast cash. Forget about driving to a bad neighborhood to deal with a shady local lender; you can take care of everything right from the comfort of your own home.

Number 4 – No credit check is necessary to get a payday loan

People have undergone a lot of financial challenges in recent years. And for many of us, this rough ride has resulted in damage to our credit ratings. And since every time your credit is checked, that puts points against you, it’s nice to have the ability to avoid credit checks whenever possible. When you take out a payday loan, you don’t have to deal with lengthy, intrusive, embarrassing credit checks. If you can provide basic information, your bank account information and some proof of employment, you are eligible for a successful payday loan application.

Number 5 – You can get a payday loan for virtually any type of monetary need

Money talks and everything else walks. We all know what it’s like to have something important to deal with, but to not have the funds on hand to take care of it. And it doesn’t matter what you’re talking about. Whether you want to pay an overdue bill, take that girl from the office out for dinner, or hook up with your friends to make your favorite band’s concert, you can get access to money for virtually any want or need when you take out a payday loan. Your lender will never ask you what you plan on using the money for, so you are free to take out a payday loan for dire emergencies or just to get some cash in your pocket fast.

Number 6 – You don’t pay high interest rates on a payday loan 

If you’re like most of us, you have at least one loan that has pretty high interest rates associated with it. Paying interest rates on loans is a real drag, but pretty much unavoidable when you’re dealing with a traditional bank or lending institution. You simply don’t have to deal with interest rates when you take out a payday loan. There are loan fees that you’ll pay when you pay back your loan, but you never have to deal with rising and constantly changing interest rate fees. It’s nice to know that you have nothing but a flat fee to pay when you take out your loan, isn’t it?

Number 7 – You can apply for a payday loan around the twenty four hours a day

Local cash advance locations are usually only open part of the day. If you need to apply for your loan after hours with those guys, you are pretty much out of luck. Thankfully, you can apply with online lenders around the clock. So if you remember that emergency cash need in the middle of the night, you can go right online and apply for your money.

Number 8 – You pay back your payday loan quickly

Payday loans are designed to be paid back very quickly. You simply won’t have one of these loans hanging over your head for years to come – as long as you pay back your loan on time. Most people pay off their payday advance loans in just two weeks. That short time frame makes online payday loans the ultimate short term loans.

Number 9 – You get your money via direct deposit

You don’t have to cash a check or go to a local location to pick up a bunch of cash when you take out a payday loan online. All of your money will be sent to your checking or savings account via direct deposit. In many payday loan reviews, people say that they love being able to get their money deposited right into their existing bank accounts.

Number 10 – You can choose different payday loan amounts

Payday loans can be for as little as $100 or for as much as $1500, and all amounts in between. So if you only need a hundred to hold you over until the next payday, you are covered. And if you need a bit more, you can easily change the amount that you apply for.

Now you know ten reasons that the online payday loan is quickly becoming the most popular method around for people to get fast money when they need it most. If you need fast money – for any reason at all – you can easily begin the application process to get the money you need right now.

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